The ability to download content from the Internet to a computer or laptop has long been a part of everyone's daily life. We constantly download pictures, music, and apps to our devices. The process of uploading documents is constantly undergoing modifications and improvements. New products are being created for downloading, old ones are being improved. One of the most famous products for downloading torrent files from the network is qBittorrent. It allows users to download documents of various formats in the form of torrents or direct links. Download the official version of qBittorrent for free from our website.


The product is designed to work on PCs and laptops. Check the compatibility of your device and install the app:

  • Windows OS-the presented utility will run on devices managed by the Windows operating system.
  • Mac OS-download the application to a computer with Mac OS and run it without problems and difficulties.
  • Linux - utility will run on a PC or laptop running Linux OS. Install the product on a computer with this operating system and seamlessly download files from the Internet to the device.

Program features

qBittorrent is a free program for downloading torrents from the Internet to a local device. The application is intuitive, but at the same time it has a considerable number of functions and advantages:

  • Download documents of various formats. Users are provided with a list of file formats that they can easily download to their computer using the provided utility. You can download movies in various formats, applications, music, etc.
  • The ease of operation and a pleasant, intuitive interface will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Downloading content is supported not only through torrent links, but also through direct links.
  • Various settings of the download process. You can easily customize every little thing in this program (download speed, file download schedule, the choice of certain trackers).
  • A significant advantage of the utility is the absence of advertising. Enjoy your work without being distracted by absolutely anything.
  • An impressive list of languages is presented in the utility settings. Set the language you need and get the most out of your work.
  • Search for torrent files directly from the search bar inside the program.


Discs and cassettes have long since faded into the background and almost disappeared from our lives. Now that all the information is stored on the network, the storage location for the content and data you need is a personal computer or laptop. People download information to their PC using special products, one of which is qBittorrent. This client will become your indispensable assistant in downloading content from the Internet to a local PC or laptop. Download the free program from our website and optimize your work with downloads right now.